Frequently Asked Questions

If your vehicle is drivable bring it in for an inspection so we can write an estimate and to proceed with the repairs.

If your vehicle it’s NOT drivable and you’re ready to drop it off for repairs call us to setup a towing service at 714-543-9713

Call 911 in case of an emergency.
Report the accident to the Police.
Report the accident to your insurance company.
Request a Towing Service from us at 714-835-4910 Available 24/7.
You or the other party at fault is responsible for all the vehicle repairs.
Please call us to get an update on your vehicle repairs at 714-543-9713.
Also have your claim number, insurance and vehicle information handy.
We offer a Life Time Warranty on all our repairs and stand behind our work.
Please call the shop to setup an appointment or should you have any questions.
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